Rhetoric (10-12)

In Rhetoric School, Tenth through Twelfth grades, the student learns to give expression to thoughts. Employing a holistic and integrated approach, we train students to see the connections between different subjects and disciplines. Our unique high school education includes emphasis in the following areas:

Self-expression: The Rhetoric School curricula acquaints students with the greatest primary texts and authors in the Western intellectual tradition. Students read, write about, and discuss the most foundational works of literature, politics, theology, and philosophy — from antiquity to the present — in small, dynamic classes with faculty devoted to the love of learning.

Eloquence and Clarity: With small classes and regular interaction with teachers who employ the Socratic Method of questioning, students in the Rhetoric School are challenged to think deeply through rich classroom discussions. Regular persuasive student presentations and energetic classroom debates encourage each student to think critically and speak persuasively to defend his or her faith. 

Authentic Faith: Harmonizing exceptional academics with the development of Christ-like character, students are given the distinctive opportunity to participate in a classroom where authentic questions of faith and reason are taken seriously and discussed openly.

Holistic Development: The Rhetoric School’s schedule is designed to provide the opportunity for all students to engage in rigorous academia, regular healthy lifestyle activities, training in fine arts appreciation, spiritual formation and guided social and emotional development.