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Teaching Preschoolers God's Character

February 15, 2017
By Lynette Fowler, Pre-Kindergarten Director

One of my favorite things about teaching preschoolers is their love for every celebration. It doesn’t matter how small or large the event their excitement is contagious. One of our favorite monthly traditions in Pre-Kindergarten is to celebrate a specific color.

“We celebrate all the colors of the rainbow. We celebrate the orange. We celebrate the red. We celebrate the blue because they are all so beautiful.”

                                                                                                -Harper, age 4

Why Celebrate Color?

Color parades God’s character. God considers color significant. He made it on the very first day of Creation.  When God said, “Let there be light.” He created the light spectrum (Genesis 1:3). We call light, when refracted, a rainbow. It was designed with seven distinct colors and thousands of different shades and hues. The rainbow is a perfect illustration of God’s character. It allows us to see how orderly and creative He is.   

Why do we celebrate color with our young students? Wendy, a student, simply said, “Because God made colors.” We celebrate colors to bring Him glory. What an amazing God to bring such beautiful color into a dark world!

How We Celebrate Color:

We admire Christ using color in different ways...

1.)    We choose one color to focus on each month, and it usually connects to a holiday. For example, the color orange is celebrated the entire month of October. Thanksgiving is always surrounded by hues of brown. Pink is a fun pigment in February.

2.)    We look at God’s creation to find our featured monthly color. We look through books, magazines, and pictures to find items that God designed to be that specific color. Students are amazed by God’s creativity when shown creatures made of different hues. Did you know there was a blue tarantula?

3.)    Influenced by the classical approach, we sing songs about the featured color.

4.)    We do crafts, go on scavenger hunts, and make collages.

5.)    We party. We start our parties with a color themed snack. Harper, a preschool student says, “[I like] having blue berries; having muffins; having grapes. I love eating my favorite colors.” We ate blueberries, blue jello, and blue tortilla chips for Blue Day. Orange Day was really fun with oranges, candy pumpkins, and carrots.

May our students always see God’s glory even in the simple colors of the rainbow.

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