Our History


The Beginnings, 2006

1 Timothy 1:12
I thank Christ Jesus our Lord…
We as a board have much to say, but we must start with a heart of humility and gratitude.  We are thankful for God’s presence in our lives and the prompting of the Holy Spirit and the calling of His voice.  We are thankful that we share a common faith and can call on the same God in prayer.  We are most thankful for His Holy Word, which has prompted and promised us continually through this process.  We are thankful for the multiplicity of gifts that He made evident as ten people sat together in conversations on accomplishing a common goal.  We are also thankful for those who will join us as He continues to illumine hearts and minds in the development of Cornerstone Academy.
...who gives me strength…
Many of us wondered why God called us to do this thing.  We were already busy people with  many things to accomplish and too little time for our treasured little ones.  And yet He called us.  And although we did not understand why we were chosen, we said, “Yes, Lord,” like the child Samuel.  With 15 children between us, we knew that this calling would need His endless guidance and supernatural strength.  Daily, we would rise and say, “What today, Lord?”  and He was always faithful to supply His resources for our great needs.
…that He considered me faithful…
Some of us had five talents, others two, and some only one (Matthew 25:14-30). Some of us had pursued higher education, some were entrepreneurs, and some were called to be “busy at home.”  To whatever measure, we had been entrusted; we were challenged – by Christ – to search for a way to multiply and give to others from our abundant resources.  All of us have learned well the spiritual disciplines of fasting, prayer, Scripture study, solitude, listening, and waiting.
…appointing me to His service…
Cornerstone Academy was formed by God so that many could make a purposeful investment in the lives of young children through education.  Although we have walked long enough with our Savior to have an expectant and believing faith, knowing that He could and would accomplish this great work, we are still in awe that He considered us faithful enough for the call.
We pray that as you read this, you, too, will hear His voice calling you to His service.  Together with all the saints, we hope to one day hear our Master say, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”
In Christ

Founding Board Members

Derek and Lynn Hicks
Monte and Rebecca Hill
Joe and Evi Huntsman
David and Julie North
Roger and Melissa Odom