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Junior Kindergarten

April 18, 2017
By Lynette Fowler, Pre-K Director
Junior Kindergarten at Cornerstone Academy

Written by Lynette Fowler, Pre-K Director


What is Junior Kindergarten?

Junior kindergarten is a bridge between preschool and kindergarten. It is the best of both worlds. It has the flexible learning schedule of preschool while learning kindergarten material through songs and movement. It allows our junior learners an extra year of growth and maturity before entering the more challenging years of traditional schooling.

 “Junior Kindergarten offers solid foundational skills needed to be successful in the Kindergarten setting. Phonics and Math skills are a large focus, using hands-on learning. This class is a step above Pre-K, offering social and academic challenges that help students prepare for Kindergarten.”

-  Shannon Key, Junior Kindergarten Teacher

Who would benefit from Junior Kindergarten?

As more research surfaces about young learners, we are finding that there isn’t a magical age that ensures students’ success in school. The stereotype of always beginning kindergarten ‘’at age five’’ is slowly changing. Some students aren’t ready, and that’s okay! When deciding if traditional kindergarten is best, parents are mindful of their child’s personality, maturity, and physical age.


Why is Junior Kindergarten Important?

This class is important because it gives a child the precious gift of time. Giving this gift of an extra year, allows a child to develop emotionally and physically.

“The milestones are so numerous during the early four to five years. One very big difference is the ability to follow directions. Students who just turned five are often still working on one step directions, where a child that is an older five can be given multiple directions at one time. Fine motor skills, like working with a small task such as cutting or holding a pencil, are also still maturing during the four to five years. Older fives have time to strengthen important needed muscles in the hands to complete school tasks successfully.”

-  Shannon Key, Junior Kindergarten Teacher

Meet our Teacher, Shannon Key                                                  

Shannon Key taught at Dandridge Elementary for eight years before staying home with her two boys. This is her second year teaching at Cornerstone. She and her family attend First Baptist Church of  Morristown. Her love for this age group is tangible, and her teaching strengths are plentiful: art, sign language, and sensory (hands-on fun) learning.

“I love my job! For children, there is so much to learn during these early years of development. Students are trained in skills that many older students and adults may take for granted: how to hold a pencil, cut, and follow multi-step directions. It is such a blessing to help them gain knowledge and skills.”



Cornerstone Academy is Currently Enrolling for our Junior Kindergarten class. Spots are limited.

More Questions?

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Kelly says:
April 18, 2017 04:15 PM CST
My son has loved this program and Mrs. Key. It has definitely got him ready for kindergarten. Thank you!
Kelly Goble says:
April 18, 2017 04:17 PM CST
My son has progressed tremendously this year thanks to the junior kindergarten program and Mrs. Key. Thank you all for your hard work and dedication to these kids.
James M. Moore says:
October 20, 2017 06:44 AM CST

Amazing. This is a fantastic blog post. I just love the way you express yourself. Keep us posted with more fabulous posts for us to drool on.

Carlisle Blanford says:
December 11, 2017 06:39 AM CST
One of my favourite blogs. You are doing such a fabulous job and I truly appreciate the work and effort you put up here. Keep it up.