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Book Review: Crazy Busy by Kevin DeYoung

November 24, 2014
By Tracey Carrin

Crazy Busy

A Fresh Perspective


I was too busy to read this book.  You know how it is — soccer practice, dance class, piano lessons, work, housework, just too busy.  I always feel behind, like I’m trying to catch up.  So I definitely did not have time to read this book. I told some other people to read it.  I thought about reading it.  But I was just too busy.

Can you relate?  Rush, rush, rush — always the next thing.  Life seems to be on fast forward.  So what made me actually stop to read it?  A podcast. I serendipitously heard Kevin DeYoung speaking on one of my favorite podcasts.  As I heard him talk, I was magnetized.  I just had to read it.

Since I know you are as busy as I am, I am going to give you the best things I gleaned from this book, Crazy Busy, by Kevin DeYoung.

Sit at the feet of Jesus.  Simple, right?  You already knew that, right?  Yes, but we forget.  We too easily become Marthas — worried and bothered about so many things.  We cannot do everything, and we cannot discern what to do and what to leave undone without seeking His wisdom.

We are finite.  We cannot do it all, and we weren’t designed to do it all.  God has a specific place for each of us and a specific sphere of influence.

Sleep and rest show us that we are dependent creatures.  Our God needs no sleep, but we must plan to have breaks.

This little volume was a refreshing breeze to my soul, pointing me to worship our great God who is boundless, limitless, infinite, and wise.  The ideas DeYoung shared caused me to take a deep breath and think about why I am so busy, and then to sit at Jesus’ feet and ask Him for wisdom and help.  Highly recommended!


If Jesus had to be deliberate about his priorities, so will we.  We will have to work hard to rest.  We will have to be dedicated to being disciplined.  We will have to make it our mission to stay on mission.”

—Kevin DeYoung